Mission & Vision

To provide economic services for women and children and the overall community of the general populace having a need for the services we offer, especially to the individual in-need of technology life skills, which will be provided with quality customer service and demonstrate results for future enhancements.

The VMS Penny Fund will become a Technology Resource Center. Our vision is to provide services, training, and customer services to members; exceed donor expectations; create jobs; and provide direction of self-sufficiency for the customers we serve.

About Us

Lee Volunteer Missionary Society Penny Fund was founded in 1980 by Sallyise D. Lee

The Family Preservation Fund and Blue Jean Youth Society programs were born out of The Volunteer Missionary Society Penny Fund. Though unfunded, both programs withstood the test of time, bringing together educational processes and services to the community. Through providing excellent customer service, the Penny Fund has helped youth and adults find information and receive services to further their life skills in exchange for nominal membership donations.

Company Goals & Objectives

Over the next year we plan to pursue funding for organizational training, Donor-Sponsor Training Incubator, Office Space Marketing, Increase customer-based Technical Assistance, and expand Operative Net Growth by 150%.


Membership Drive

Join us every Tuesday at the Robert Saunders Library
4:30PM to 6:30PM
1505 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33602

Membership fee is $25

Dollar Tuesday Meet & Greet

Donate a dollar on Tuesdays at the Housing Club & get to know your fellow members!

Volunteers are needed for weekly setup. Light appetizers provided. Please email sally@vmspennyfund.org for more info.

Meetings held every Tuesday at Robert W. Saunders Library from 4:30 to 6:30pm!